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       Welcome to visit "YUANTIAN" products world.
       Our factory is located in Pujiang county Zhejiang province. The factory location is very near to Yiwu city, which is well-known for all kinds of dairy articles. With a production capacity of 3000MTS insect repellant, we are becoming a leading supplier of insect repellant in China and most products are exported to US, Middle East, Africa and South-East Asia.
       At present, the main materials we are using are Para-dichlorobenzene,fine naphthalene and camphor. More than 20 models are available, which can be divided in four categories;
       1."Yuantian" brand Para-dichlorobenzene insect repellant, moth tablet,Para balls, net-packed repellant and bowl deodorizer.
       2.Camphor-made insect repellant,such as camphor balls or tablets.These items are made of nature and high-quality camphor or German DAB8 series medical standard camphor.
       3.Fine naphthalene insect repellant, such as naphthalene balls and tablets, which are traditionally and widely sold in world market.
       4.Bowl cleaner, also named bloo bubble. Its quality has been accepted by most customers with competitive prices.
       Our principle is to service all customers with competitive prices and good quality based on "honesty and trust", meanwhile we will develop new items continuously to meet different demands.